Why Mulching in March is Magnificent!

March 1, 2021 | By Aaron Capannelli

Spring is an ideal time to start mulching your yard. Mulch is the best protection you can give your trees and shrubs before they face the summer heat. At 770-Tree-Guy, we are so passionate about mulching that we have a mulch madness promotion in March and make our own organic mulch year-round. You will be amazed at the difference simply adding mulch really makes in your yard.

The Benefits of Mulch:
  • Protecting Your Soil — Mulch provides a layer of insulation to prevent your soil from being scorched by the blazing heat and becoming depleted of nutrients. During the cold season, mulch could help lock in warmth. Mulch minimizes the impact of temperature swings on your soil. Protected soil will better support the health of your trees and plants.
  • Retaining Moisture — Mulch can slow down the evaporation process that causes your soil to become dry. Water can penetrate your soil and replenish your tree roots as it needs to. Watering your yard is best in the morning considering evaporation, but the mulch will help your soil hold on to its moisture.
  • Nourishing Your Yard — Mulch breaks down gradually, infusing your soil with helpful nutrients. Those nutrients will be soaked up through your trees’ roots and lead to healthier trees. Your trees and shrubs will be healthy and look their best when they are being properly fed.
  • Minimizing Soil Compaction — Mulch can help reduce soil compaction which naturally occurs during hard rains. When your soil becomes compacted, the needed air and moisture cannot be delivered properly to your trees’ root systems. Mulch makes a great umbrella for your soil.
  • Controlling Weeds Mulch interferes with weeds’ germination cycle and minimizes the population of weeds able to grow beneath your trees. Weeds look unsightly beneath your trees and they can compete for resources within your soil. If a weed does manage to grow through your mulch, they are easy to spot and pull.
  • Improving Your Yard’s Aesthetics Mulch looks clean and well-kept in your planting beds. Your yard will instantly look more manicured with the addition of mulch. There are a couple colors of mulch available so you can even choose one to compliment your house and yard specifically.
The Basics of Mulching:

With mulch, a little can go a long way. Your mulch only needs to be about 3 inches deep. Deeper mulch could welcome rot, disease, or pest problems. Create your planting bed extending in a 3-6 foot diameter around the tree to protect the roots. Create a donut shaped gap around the base of the tree to avoid piling mulch around the tree trunk. Piling up mulch around your tree trunk can encourage moisture and pests on your tree trunk, which negates the benefits of using the mulch. Use a good quality organic mulch to ensure that your tree gets the ideal nutrients. We stand behind the quality of our fully recycled organic mulch. We have black, brown, red, and natural color varieties available to suit your yard’s color scheme.

If you are interested in mulching this March, reach out to 770-Tree-Guy. We offer mulch services by our team or you can purchase our quality mulch and do it yourself. Your plants will thank you, especially when the summer heat comes!

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