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Welcome to 770-Tree-Guy

Trees are the framework of your home’s first impression. In good times, a well placed tree can showcase the beauty of your home. Unfortunately when damaged or sick, a tree can be a liability and a danger to your home. Regardless, a good Arborist is vital to the health of your trees.

Proudly serving Fayette County, 770-Tree-Guy is the best and only choice for a licensed arborist. 770-Tree-Guy is a tree service and tree removal company, equipped to handle any tree related need with the height of professionalism and service. Whether your trees are in need of routine pruning or overall health assessment, 770-Tree-Guy always utilizes the proper arboricultural practices.

With offices conveniently located in Fayetteville and Newnan, our team will attend to your needs efficiently and effectively.

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Latest from the Blog

  • Choosing the Right Plant for the Right Place

    We have all heard the phrase “Square peg in a round hole” at some point in our life.  This phrase can be directly connected to tree care and landscaping. In the same way as a square peg cannot fit in a round hole, proper selection of the plant / tree for the right location is critical for the long-term health of our plants and trees. Whether the landscaping is performed by a homeowner or a professional, choosing the right spot and type of plant is vitally important.

    Working as Arborists for 770 Tree Guy, we encounter this problem daily. Sometimes, we are addressing trees and/or shrubs planted too close to a home which now require structural clearance pruning. Often, we encounter situations where a tree’s health is struggling, either because spacing was way too close or the tree requires full sun but is in the shade. The Leyland Cypress is the most common misplaced tree. We frequently see these trees planted too close together. The Red Maple is also a commonly misplaced tree. Maples are generally considered understory trees requiring some shade. If they are placed in full sun, they can become scorched. In the same way that a tomato plant cannot grow well in the shade, trees must be given the right conditions to flourish.

    As a homeowner, it is difficult to change what a previous homeowner or landscape company has already installed. A wise first step is to utilize your available resources, such as neighbors, social media, and the best choice, a certified arborist from 770 Tree Guy, to help identify the species of plants and trees in your yard. After your plants are identified, we can do some research and give an informed perspective on the genetic growth potential for the trees and shrubs in our yard. At this point, we can help you recognize which plants will grow too large or cause crowding. If the tree or shrub is small enough, we can transplant to a new and preferable location. At 770 Tree Guy, we recommend transplanting in the late fall to early spring, to reduce stress on the tree. Sometimes, removal is the only option. It is cheaper and easier to remove a tree while it is smaller, rather than waiting until it is larger.

    When deciding to plant your own trees or shrubs, it is critical to understand how big (genetic growth potential) the tree or shrub will get, and what are the sun / shade requirements for each. In the tree industry, that is known as site species selection, but is more simply referred to as “the right plant in the right place”. Let’s put the square peg in the square hole. By doing this, you can enjoy your landscape long-term with fewer headaches and maintenance costs.

  • Winterize Your Yard


    Winterize Your Yard

    During this season, the harsh winter weather can negatively impact your yard. Unfortunately, fallen trees weighted by ice can cause severe damage to your yard and home. In many cases, this outcome can be avoided through preventative maintenance.

    Typically, homeowners will prepare their homes to avoid freezing pipes—preparing your yard for winter is similarly vital for the well-being of your trees and house. Between freezing temperatures, unfriendly winds, and cold soil, even down to the roots, trees are undergoing intense inclement weather which can lead to damage.

    Through proper fertilization, strategic pruning, and risk assessment, your trees and yard can be ready to face the harsh winter cold.

    Feed your trees a hearty holiday meal.

    Since trees are supplied with vital nutrients through their roots deep below the ground, ensuring the soil supplies the tree’s needs can greatly impact how your plants weather the winter storms. Testing your soil is necessary to guarantee that` the right composition of nutrients are available to supply your tree. Although trees grow and metabolize their food differently in the winter, the roots are still growing beneath the surface so make sure they are properly fed.

    Trimming your trees is not just a decorating thing.

    Proper pruning could not only prevent a fallen limb or tree altogether, but also allow the tree to flourish better in the spring season. When pruning, starting on a milder day is ideal. Removing damaged and diseased limbs should be completed first as these branches will most likely be the ones to not survive intense wind, snow, or ice. Beyond that, pruning branches which are weak or overgrown can help maintain the overall strength at the crown of the tree.

    Make sure none of your trees are on the naughty list.

    In many cases, damage to your home and property can be prevented if the trees on your property are assessed by a professional. Typically, a tree which falls needed either preventive care or was already in need of removal. We have our Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) so our team can be trusted to determine the trees which may need some attention or removal for the protection of your yard.

    For the health of your trees and the safety of your yard this winter, prepare your trees through proper plant care. Call 770-Tree-Guy today!

  • Licensed and Insured: A Tree Service Should Make the Cut

    Tree Service

    When selecting a tree service, the importance of choosing a service with the proper credentials cannot be overstated. Not only is the safety of your family at stake, but your trees should be cared for by a professional who will preserve the health of your yard overall.

    What does it take to make a tree service worthwhile?

    Appropriate Insurance Coverage

    Since trees are heavy and capable of causing harm, having a tree service prepared to handle any damages both physically and financially is vital. Insurance coverage should also include workers’ compensation because all members of a tree service working on your property need to have appropriate coverage for their safety and yours. When a tree service is in your yard, you should be completely at ease that the safety of all present will be considered, and you will not face any danger or undeserved liability.

    ISA Certification

    The International Society of Arboriculture teaches the art and science of proper tree care. When a tree service has the ISA seal of approval, you can feel confident that the service has the knowledge and experience to properly care for your trees and ensure your safety. At 770-Tree-Guy, our team is led by a certified arborist, which is defined by ISA as an individual who has completed extensive tree education and passed a comprehensive test for certification. Certification is a guarantee that a tree service is educated and accountable.

    Extensive Services

    Throughout the life cycle of your trees, different care is necessary. A tree service should offer a full spectrum of services which accommodate your growing yard’s needs. The services which a certified arborist can provide include pruning, planting, emergency tree care, tree removal, plant health care, tree risk assessment, bracing trees, and consulting.