What Is Playground Certified Mulch?

May 1, 2023 | By Aaron Capannelli

When it comes to having a playground on the property of your home or business, you may wonder what type of mulch is best for safety and sustainability. If you are looking for mulch for a playground in Peachtree City, GA, what you want is IPEMA playground-certified mulch! But what exactly is it? 

Tested and Verified

Not all mulches are created equal. Playground-certified mulch is a type of mulching material specifically designed to meet playground safety requirements. It’s been tested and verified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), which provides guidelines on how to make playgrounds as safe as possible. ASTM ratings are assigned to these materials to ensure they meet the standards for particle size, consistency, purity, and ability to drain, to name a few. 

Softer and Safer

Playground-certified mulch has been tested for fall impact, providing a softer surface that reduces the potential for serious injury from falls. It also helps to dissipate impact energy rather than absorb it like traditional mulches do. IPEMA certification means the mulch grinding process has been inspected, requiring uniformly sized wood chips with clean-cut edges, so there are no splintered ends. The certification also means the mulch has gone through a process to ensure there are no foreign objects, metals, or hazardous chemicals. IPEMA-certified mulch also helps protect against bacterial and fungal growth because of its sanitized composition and ability to resist compaction. All of these factors ensure that your children will have the safest experience possible while enjoying time on the playground. 

Longer Lasting

IPEMA-certified playground mulches withstand consistent use from both adults and children. This means they provide a longer-lasting, comfortable surface for playing and lounging in your backyard or park. This helps reduce maintenance costs, as these mulches are resistant to more wear and tear than regular wood chips or bark nuggets. Certified playground mulch retains its cushioned characteristics better over time compared to traditional wood chips. This makes it the ideal choice when constructing a new playground or renovating an existing one.  

At 770-TREE-GUY, we offer two types of IPEMA-certified mulches: Public Play Surfacing Mulch rated at ASTM F1292 and Engineered Wood Fiber Public Play Surfacing Mulch rated at ASTM F2075. With all the previously mentioned features that come with an IPEMA certification, both are highly durable, kid-friendly products that have been third-party tested for superior safety. Not only are our IPEMA-certified mulches safe, but they also look great! They are an excellent investment for homeowners and businesses with a playground on their property. Plus, they’re affordable too! 
Whether you’re building a new playground or just need a refresh for an existing one, at 770-TREE-GUY we understand the importance of safety when creating an enjoyable environment for kids who will use your playground facility. We provide premium IPEMA-certified playground mulch in Fayetteville, GA and surrounding areas. You can trust 770-TREE-GUY to provide a quality product that will keep your kids safe while providing years of enjoyment for all ages! Order your IPEMA playground-certified mulch today!

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