What Does an Arborist Do?

January 3, 2022 | By Aaron Capannelli

Should you wait for your trees to be sick before calling a doctor? Trees benefit from routine wellness checks just like people. Tree doctors, also known as arborists, can help you maximize the health of your trees and your whole yard. At 770-TREE-GUY, we follow the correct arboricultural practices because our company is run by an ISA-certified arborist.  There are many benefits when you choose to use an arborist.

What is an Arborist?

An arborist is known as a “tree doctor” because the individual specializes in the health of trees. For someone to become an arborist, they must meet the qualifications and pass the ISA arborist exam. The ISA requires that individuals have one or both of the following credentials to qualify to take their exam: three years of full-time work in arboriculture or a degree in horticulture, arboriculture, forestry, or landscape architecture from an accredited educational institute in their region. When a tree professional holds the title of an ISA-certified arborist, you can feel confident that they have the experience and expertise needed to take care of your trees.

What do Arborists do?

Like doctors for people, arborists are committed to treating and preventing illnesses. Although an arborist’s patients have branches and roots instead of bones and organs, they still require specialized care to help catch diseases early on and treat problems when they come. When you have an arborist on your property for a routine wellness visit, they will evaluate the health of your trees and yard. After, you will be presented with a health report and suggestions for improving the health of your yard if needed. For example, if your plants are showing signs of deficiencies, we can notify you if your yard needs different fertilizer and mulch to address the problem. 

An arborist can also make recommendations for pruning your trees to avoid limbs falling and endangering your family. This is especially important during stormy seasons. Whether identifying diseases early or finding weak trees that are at risk of falling, an arborist’s evaluation can save you hassle and money. Treating severely diseased trees may not be possible if you wait. Also, you will save yourself money on damages by removing dangerous trees or branches preventatively. Our arborists hold TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) certification, which means that we can determine the risk of a particular tree falling. Removal is always our last resort, but our arborists will recommend this when your safety is in question. Whenever we are on your property, we are looking for ways to help your trees reach their potential, improve the health and appearance of your yard, and minimize risks to your family.

The Benefits of Using an Arborist
  • Maximize the Appearance of your Trees and Yard
  • Improve the Health of your Yard
  • Protect your Family and Home
  • Save Money

If your trees are overdue for their checkup, schedule a visit from our tree doctors at 770-TREE-GUY. 

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