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Like The Rings of A Tree
Aaron & Family


Aaron Capannelli started 770-TREE-GUY in 2011. He had a passion for tree work, and the know-how to do it.

Breaking Ground

Aaron continued to expand his company, purchasing equipment and hiring a capable team ready to tackle even the most daunting jobs.

A Sapling Grows

The jobs kept coming! The company continued to expand, and Aaron continued acquiring more equipment and personnel to keep up with increasing demands. In August 2018, the TREE-GUYs purchased “the yard”, a new HQ that would also become a center for mulching.

Tree Pruning Georgia

Sequoia Among Bushes 

Though the road was long, the result of Aaron and his team’s hard work was worth it: 770-TREE-GUY stands today as a leader in the tree industry. With crews, trucks, and even a tree-mek, there simply isn’t a tree company that compares to us in scale, equipment, or service. With a rich history behind us and a bright future ahead of us, 770-TREE-GUY is ready to meet all your tree needs!

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A Storm’s A-Comin’: What to do When a Tree Falls

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