Stump Grinding

In a community that boasts pristine lawns, the presence of an unsightly tree stump is unacceptable.

770-TREE-GUY, conveniently located in Stockbridge, Georgia, grinds the stump to remove it without harming your otherwise beautiful yard.

Stump Grinding A Tree Trunk – Close Up
Why is stump removal necessary?
  • Stumps are unattractive.
  • Stumps are dangerous.
  • Stumps are unhealthy.
  • Stumps are disgusting.
  • A stump greatly distracts from the beauty of your lawn.

Amid a perfectly landscaped yard, a stump is an eyesore. The stump disrupts the natural flow of your yard as a jarring reminder of the beautiful tree it once was. Our techniques are specifically designed for grinding away the problematic stump without disturbing the rest of your landscaping. The grinding process removes up to a foot of the stump and its roots and creates a beneficial, natural mulch. At 770-TREE-GUY, we are so confident in our methods that the only evidence of our presence will be the missing stump. We are a tree service that considers your needs, and we know that your lawn must remain pristine.

In addition to your satisfaction, your neighbors will also be pleased with our adherence to neighborhood codes and expectations. A beautifully manicured lawn, free from imperfections, benefits your neighborhood’s reputation, especially in a community like Stockbridge, Georgia.

A stump can be a drain on nutrient resources.

The presence of a stump can leach important nutrients from the soil. Roots, or offshoots, can steal nutrients that could have been utilized by your yard’s healthy, thriving plants. Removing the stump will improve the health of your landscaping as a whole. We use our grinding process to remove the stump and roots and turn them into beneficial mulch.

A stump can host all sorts of unpleasant rot and pests.

A stump is the perfect place for rot and pests to collect. The idea of pests residing in the stump is unpleasant, but the idea of them spreading beyond the stump is downright repulsive. Removing the stump through grinding is the smart choice for the overall health of your yard.

A stump can be a danger to your family.

Typically, stumps have many uneven roots and sharp edges. These imperfections easily become a fall hazard, especially to children. Protecting your children is paramount. When you remove the stump, you are ensuring that your yard is a safe space for your children to enjoy.

In the beautifully pristine city of Stockbridge, Georgia, there is no place for unsightly stumps. Contact 770-TREE-GUY for professionally conducted stump grinding.

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