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Why Mulch?

For over a decade, 770-Tree-Guy, an ISA Certified Arborist, has advocated mulch as one of the best additions homeowners can make to their yards and trees. We now offer our own Premium Blend lawn mulch in Newnan, GA.

Create an insulation layer using mulch

With a covering of natural mulch, you can protect plants and roots in the summer and winter from extreme temperature effects.

Keep enough moisture in your soil

Whether you use brown mulch, red mulch, or black mulch, a mulch layer helps prevent the water in the soil from evaporating due to heat from the sun and high winds. Using mulch also reduces the time needed for watering.

Increase your soil’s health

Mulch distributes phosphorus, nitrogen, and humus into the soil as it breaks down, promoting the fertility and structure of the soil. Georgia’s predominantly clay soil benefits significantly from the addition of this organic matter.

Inhibit water runoff and erosion issues

When it rains or sprinklers are used, mulch prevents the scattering of the soil. Mulch absorbs water like a sponge and distributes it slowly into the underlying soil.

No competition with weeds for water

Effective soil and tree mulching saves trees from fighting with weeds and other roots for the nutrients and water they need.

Keep the circle of life going

Since mulch uses landscaping waste, it fosters the ongoing cycle of life. Soil quality is enhanced through the introduction of recycled organic matter.

Enhance your yard’s natural beauty

The organic matter in natural mulch gives your landscape both a well-kept and natural look. Your yard will improve health-wise and in appearance.

Create worm-friendly soil

Mulching infuses your soil with elements that are friendly to the presence of worms and other helpful organisms.

Regardless of whether you need tree mulch near me, red mulch near me, black mulch near me, or brown mulch near me, 770-Tree-Guy has you covered.

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