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Why Apply Mulch?

As an ISA Certified Arborist, 770-Tree-Guy has promoted the use of mulch for more than a decade as a highly beneficial addition to the landscape for lawns and trees. Our own Premium Blend lawn mulch is now available in Fayetteville, GA.

Create a layer of insulation with mulch

Utilizing natural mulch  is ideal for keeping plants and roots shielded from the effects of extreme temperatures in both the summer and winter.

Retain sufficient moisture in your soil

A red mulch, black mulch, or brown mulch layer helps prevent evaporation of water in the soil due to high winds or heat from the sun. As a result, mulching results in less time required for watering.

Enhance your soil’s health

As mulch breaks down, the beneficial elements nitrogen, phosphorus, and humus enter the soil and enhance the soil’s structure and fertility. Georgia’s primarily clay soil  is helped significantly from the infusion of this organic material.

Protect against erosion and water runoff

A layer of mulch helps prevent soil from scattering when it rains or sprinklers are used for watering. The mulch absorbs the water and releases it more gradually in the soil below, which prevents water runoff and erosion issues.

No competition with weed for water

Lawn and tree mulching keeps trees from having to compete with weeds and other roots for the supply of water and nutrients they need.

Recycled organic matter promotes the life cycle

Because mulch is made up of landscaping waste, it promotes the cycle of life in the local ecosystem. The quality of the soil increases when it receives recycled organic material.

Elevate the natural beauty of your yard

Natural mulch contains organic material that provides it with a natural and manicured appearance. Your yard will be healthier and more beautiful.

Create soil friendly to worms

Mulch is a friend to worms. It causes elements to enter the soil that encourage the presence of these creatures and other soil-friendly organisms.

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We offer our exceptional, premium quality mulch at an affordable price! Buy directly from us and enjoy the benefits of this outstanding mulch for your soil and trees. Call us today in Fayetteville, GA at 770.629.8715 or request a consultation through our contact form.

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