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Why Mulch?

As an ISA-Certified Arborist, 770-TREE-GUY has been preaching mulch like a missionary for more than a decade, due to its amazing benefits. We are so excited to now offer our own Premium Mulch Blend! With a multitude of extensive benefits, mulching is a simple way to improve the overall health and appearance of your yard and trees.

Benefits of Mulch
Creates a Layer of Insulation.

Mulch creates a barrier that helps protect roots from experiencing the blazing heat of summer and the harsh chill of winter. A blanket of mulch can manage soil temperature, limiting freezing and scorching, both of which can injure your plants.

Keeps Your Soil Moist.

When soil is exposed to summer’s intense sun, the water in the soil will evaporate, which can lead to dry or dying roots. With a protective layer of mulch, your soil is covered and less likely to reach extreme temperatures. In addition to blocking harsh sunlight, mulch also protects against evaporation due to harsh wind. When mulch is locking in moisture, you also save time by having to water less.

Encourages Your Soil’s Health.

Proper mulching positively impacts your soil’s overall health, including fertility and structure. As mulch gradually breaks down, helpful elements such as humus, nitrogen, and phosphorus are dispersed into the soil. In Georgia, our soil’s predominantly clay composition is helped greatly when organic matter is introduced.

Defends Against Erosion and Water Runoff.

Rain and sprinklers can scatter soil when it’s left unprotected. Acting as a sponge-like filter, mulch absorbs water and gradually delivers it to the soil below.

Combats Competing Roots.

With proper mulching, your trees will not have to fight surrounding weeds for much-needed nutrients or water.

Gives Back to the Environment.

Since mulch contains landscaping waste, the circle of life is maintained. Recycled organic matter can significantly improve your soil.

Enhances Your Yard’s Natural Beauty.

Since mulch is made from organic material, it looks both natural and manicured at the same time. Not only is your yard healthier, but it’s also more attractive.

Welcomes the Worms.

Earthworms play a vital role in the health of your soil. Mulching infuses soil with the necessary elements to make it hospitable for worms and other helpful organisms.


Our Playground-Safe mulch is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). It has been rigorously assessed for metal and chemical contamination and is installed to a specified depth to prevent injury from various fall heights. We serve both residential and municipal customers – contact us today and keep your kiddos safe!

We are proud to offer the highest quality premium mulch at the best price available! Buy direct from the source. Contact 770-TREE-GUY today!

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If you are ready to transform your yard, consider starting with your soil! Healthy soil will lead to healthy trees and plants. The arborists at 770-TREE-GUY are standing by if you need help. We make high-quality topsoil as a byproduct of processing wood waste that comes through our recycling facility. This soil is natural, healthy, and safe, and provides vital nutrients for plant growth. Call us and transform your yard today!

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