Plant Health Care

Why Us?

Plant Health Care Services Your trees need more than just a once a year checkup. Optimal wellness is achieved through a holistic approach which is ongoing throughout the year. Through personalized plant health care, our team at 770-Tree-Guy can help your trees reach their potential.

Plant health care is the proactive solution to prevent problems before they can devastate your trees and yard. Through proper mulching, appropriate trimming, soil and moisture evaluation, and physical inspection, your tree’s health can be maintained throughout the year and harmful diseases can be caught and addressed before further spreading occurs. Early treatment of disease can often save the health of your trees as well as your budget.

When plant health care is utilized, your trees will flourish with their natural beauty while remaining strong to resist disease and pests. Led by a certified arborist, the team at 770-Tree-Guy offers personalized and holistic plant care to maximize the potential of your trees in every season. As an arborist, also known as a tree doctor, we have the experience and education to offer solutions for your trees which will lead to healthy, beautiful trees year-round.

If you are interested in holistic plant health care, schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your trees’ personalized wellness plan.


Plant Health Care Services

Deep Root Fertilization

Tree Prescriptions

Soil Drenches



Vertical Mulching

Root Collar Excavation

For great plant health, it is not all about what you do above the ground. Through techniques, such as, deep root fertilization, where we get to the roots of mature plants deep down where it really matters and soil drenching, where we target individual plants to prevent damage to others, you can always count on our experienced and caring team to keep your plants in great health.