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Trees have the ability to enhance the natural beauty of your home. Unfortunately, they also have the power to be dangerous or inconvenient as well. In the event that you need a tree removed, contact 770-tree-guy, based in Newnan, Georgia, for a professional and affordable tree removal.

Whether the tree is uncomfortably close to your home or merely an eyesore in your landscaping plan, we can extract the tree without impacting the rest of your lawn.

Why choose 770-tree-guy for your tree removal?


Tree Removal Newnan GA
  • Free, No-Obligation Quotes

    Free, No-Obligation Quotes

  • Honest Pricing, No Hidden Fees

    Honest Pricing, No Hidden Fees

  • Experienced, Professional Crews

    Experienced, Professional Crews

  • Courteous, Reliable, & On-Time

    Courteous, Reliable, & On-Time

  • Owned & Operated by a Local ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORIST

    Owned & Operated by a Local ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORIST

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We know trees.

770-tree-guy’s founder, Aaron Capannelli, chose to start this business out of a deep love and respect for trees. As a child, climbing trees was his passion. His passion grew with age and now he can glance at a tree passing by and assess its problems. This passion is the driving force which makes the company successful. We really do love to see trees thriving, but we also know exactly what a problematic tree looks like. If you are unsure about a tree in your yard, a quick assessment by our licensed arborist will offer all the needed information for you to make an informed decision. We are prepared to educate you regarding your trees.

We care about preserving your home and yard.

If you have a tree which must be removed, we will extract the tree without harming your Newnan, Georgia home and yard. In the past, we have had clients hire us and then go on vacation. Upon returning, the only evidence of our presence was the missing tree. The team at 770-tree-guy respects you and your space. We will always leave no trace of our presence beyond the removed tree.

We are honest about your tree’s condition.

If we assess your tree and recommend extraction, you can feel confident that it is a wise decision. In addition to being certified with the ISA, we are also TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) qualified. Equally important to our certifications, 770-tree-guy also has extensive education and experience in the field. We are prepared to answer all of your questions regarding your tree’s health. If there is a reasonable solution without removal, we will always inform you of that option first. If removal is the best choice, you can feel confident about your informed decision.

Having a professional tree removal service is vital for the sake of your home and yard. 770-tree-guy of Newnan, Georgia is ready to share our experience and expertise with you today. Call now!