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Stumps are the gravestones of trees. They are a marker indicating something beautiful which once existed, but is now reduced to a rotting eyesore. Removing stumps with proper arboricultural practices is vital for the health of your yard.

770-tree-guy, based in Newnan, Georgia, utilizes the finest equipment combined with education and experience to execute superior stump grinding.

Why is stump grinding so important?

Stumps can be dangerous.

Because of their exposed roots and sharp edges, the stump can easily become a fall hazard for people in the yard, especially children. Protecting your family is the most important thing. We can grind the stump into mulch so you can allow your children to run in the yard safely.



Stump Grinding Newnan Tree Arborist Newnan
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Stumps detract from the beauty of your yard.

Your yard can be perfectly landscaped, but one unsightly stump can hinder the natural beauty of your yard. In addition to tampering with the aesthetics of your yard, many neighborhood codes in Newnan, Georgia, have rules regarding unappealing stumps. Most likely, the remainder of your yard is in pristine shape so we use methods which carefully grind away the problematic stump without damaging the rest of your turf. Our equipment grinds down to the roots, up to a foot deep, to ensure the stump is fully dealt with. The unattractive stump is turned into useful mulch which could be utilized elsewhere in your yard. Stump grinding is a beautiful picture of the purpose of nature, constantly being recycled into something useful.

Stumps can steal.

Since stumps still have the capability to have little offshoots of trees grow from them, they can steal nutrients from the other plants in your yard. Why would you allow a mostly dead and unhelpful tree to sap the life from your thriving plants? Call 770-tree-guy today hence your plants can flourish without the hindrance of the stump.

Stumps can encourage pests.

Many bugs live off of the rotting and dying elements found in stumps. Once these pests have taken up residence on your lawn, they could easily move onto your healthy plants or even your home. Grinding out the stump will safeguard your home and yard from these unsightly pests.

Your yard should not be a tree graveyard. Contact 770-tree-guy, based in Newnan, Georgia, to have your stump grinding performed efficiently, affordably, and effectively.