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Newnan, GA Tree Services

770-TREE-GUY has the right certifications, skills, and expertise to deliver an uncompromising standard of excellence in care for the trees on your landscape. If you are looking for state of the art tree services, trust 770-Tree-Guy to provide the right solutions. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency services for your trees. We also offer tree pruning, tree wellness, tree removal, and much more. Every tree is valuable so we strive to provide the highest quality services for optimal tree care.

A Trusted Tree Service Company

In Newnan, GA and the nearby areas, we are proud to be a trusted tree service company.. With an ISA certified arborist on staff, your trees will be in capable hands. If your tree is sick, our arborist can find the cause of the illness and make the best recommendations for improving your tree’s health. In addition to care for the sick, our tree service also offers preventative care to ensure the longevity of your trees.

Stay Safe with Tree Service

Whether dodging falling limbs or navigating tree stumps, trees can sometimes pose a danger on your land. The safety of your family and home is of the utmost importance. Using safe and arboriculturally appropriate methods, our trusted tree service can remove damaged trees, fallen limbs, and tree stumps.. Because we are TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) certified, you can have peace of mind about the safety of your property and home. Before a tree becomes too precarious, contact 770-Tree-Guy to assess the potential hazard. All our suggestions will be prioritizing your safety as well as the livelihood of your trees.

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Contact 770-TREE-GUY to receive a free estimate or request our local tree service by calling us at 770-873-3489 today. We look forward to providing the top-quality tree care services you can depend on.

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Latest from the Blog

  • The Importance of Healthy Soil for Your Lawn, Garden, and Landscape

    Life starts at the roots. When your soil is packed with the proper nutrients, your trees and plants can thrive. The arborists at 770-Tree-Guy recommend caring for your soil proactively to keep your whole yard healthy.

    Steps for your Soil’s Health

    • Do Soil Testing– Soil is healthy when it has the correct balance of elements to feed your plants. For example, Nitrogen deficiency in your soil could cause your plants to experience stunted growth. If there is an excess of nitrogen, your plants will look lush, but they will not produce flowers and fruit properly. In addition, too much Nitrogen is proven to weaken root structure. Therefore, soil testing is beneficial because it will tell you about the pH, texture, nutrient makeup, and organic matter that is present in your soil. Once you know the condition of your soil, you can work to resolve anything out of balance. Soil test kits can be purchased online or are available through your county’s agriculture and environmental department. 
    • Adjust Accordingly–Once you know the makeup of your soil, you can make amendments to ensure your soil is healthy and balanced. Although you can use store-bought fertilizers, we recommend sticking with organic sources whenever possible. It is important to note that fertilizers can utilize chemicals or additives. If you need help finding organic matter for your soil, reach out to our team. We are happy to offer support!
    • Help your Soil Get Water and Air–Even soil with the perfect nutrient makeup will not thrive without the proper airflow and water. If soil is compacted, it will be deprived of water and air. Trees and plants get their nutrients from their roots. Roots absorb nutrients from the soil. Therefore, when your soil is compacted, your plants and trees will suffer too. With Georgia’s soil composition of red clay, annual aeration is a wise plan. Aeration allows for water and air to penetrate the soil properly, so your plants’ roots can access the nutrients they need. 
    • Cover it with Mulch–Mulch is the single best decision you can make for your yard. There are many benefits for your trees and plants, including infusing your soil with nutrients as it breaks down, protecting your soil from the harsh sun, preventing weed growth, and more. After years of advocating the benefits of mulch, we took our passion for mulch to the next level and started making our own. The team at 770-Tree-Guy recycles green waste into high-quality, locally sourced, organic mulch. Our mulch comes in various colors to suit every landscape. At 770-Tree-Guy, we deliver the mulch and implement it throughout your yard or allow you to purchase the mulch and apply it yourself. Mulch should be three inches deep and in a donut shape around the base of your tree or shrub. We recommend never building up mulch around the base of a tree because it can encourage disease. It is important to note that sometimes mulch can be too much of a good thing. Do not layer it any thicker than three inches. Mulch thicker than three inches restricts the needed airflow.


    If you are ready to transform your yard, consider starting with your soil! Healthy soil will lead to healthy trees and plants. The arborists at 770-Tree-Guy are standing by if you need help.

  • When is it Time to Remove a Tree?

    Resorting to tree removal is a sad moment, but sometimes it is necessary for the health and safety of your yard. As tree enthusiasts, the team at 770-Tree-Guy will always help you explore every possible alternative to removal. When removal is necessary, you can trust us to remove the tree without damaging your property or leaving a mess.

    There are seven solid reasons to consider tree removal. If you are unsure whether your tree fits one of these categories, you can schedule an evaluation by one of our arborists. We will assess the health of your trees and identify any potential safety hazards.

    Reasons for Removal

    • Sickness–Early detection of diseases can help you avoid tree removal. If one tree is diseased, it can spread the disease to your healthy trees and have a major impact on the health of your yard as a whole. As tree doctors, we always look for ways to treat the tree, but if the tree is going to endanger your yard and other trees, removal may be necessary.
    • Death–Leaving a dead tree in your yard is dangerous. Dead trees are more likely to fall, drop branches, and harbor pests. As soon as you identify a dead tree, give us a call. We can haul the dead tree away to be repurposed into organic mulch to help improve the lives of other living trees. 
    • Damage–If your tree has experienced storm damage, it has the potential to be a fall risk.  It is important to note that the structure of the tree could be thrown off if large branches have fallen or the trunk was struck by lightning. In addition to being a fall risk, damaged sections of a tree will be more susceptible to disease and pests. Removing the damaged tree will protect your other healthy trees from being exposed to disease or pests.
    • Interference–If a tree is interfering with your power, water, or sewer lines, the tree should be removed. Also, if a tree is too close to your house or property buildings, removing the tree may be necessary to avoid problems when the next storm hits. In some cases, trimming the trees may be enough to mitigate the risk. We can help you determine the risk if you need support.
    • Clearing–Tree removal may be necessary to make room for new construction projects. If you have a tree hindering your renovation plans or installing your backyard fence, this is a legitimate reason to consider tree removal. 
    • Placement–Each species of tree requires different spacing to accommodate growth. If trees were not properly spaced, you may have to remove a tree to allow for space for the tree’s roots and foliage as well as to avoid over-competition for nutrients. 
    • Neatness–Do you have a tree that drops needles, fruit, flowers, seeds, or leaves constantly? Messy trees can be a homeowner’s nightmare because they make your yard look unkempt even when you are maintaining your yard regularly. For this reason, your yard and your peace of mind may be better protected by removing the troublesome tree.


    If you need a tree removed, 770-Tree-Guy can help. Although having a tree removed should not be taken lightly, it is sometimes necessary. We are also available for consultations if you need to assess whether a tree should be removed.

  • If a Neighbor’s Tree Falls on my Property, Who is Responsible for Removal?

    A fallen tree can not only damage your home or yard but could also damage your relationship with your neighbors. When a tree falls from your neighbor’s yard onto your car or home, staying calm and civil may become difficult. As a tree company led by arborists, 770-Tree-Guy recommends practicing proper tree maintenance to help avoid fallen trees and conflicts in the future.

    Why do Trees Fall?

    There are two main reasons for a tree to fall: disease or storm damage. Although storms cannot be prevented, practicing proper pruning will help keep your tree balanced and minimize the chance of a fall. If you have a tree overhanging your neighbor’s property or they have one overhanging your property, address these branches proactively before they fall later. It is important to note that as a homeowner, you are permitted to trim back your neighbor’s tree if it extends onto your property, as long as you do not cause harm to the tree. You are not permitted to cross your neighbor’s property to prune. We highly recommend having a conversation before pruning their tree. Tree illness can often be addressed well before a tree becomes a fall risk. If you have any trees that show signs of illness (such as fungus, infestations, discolored leaves, bare patches, etc.), call us to evaluate and offer suggestions. Tree removal is always the last resort when the risk of falling will endanger your family or your neighbors. Trees that are dead or severely diseased are at the greatest risk of falling. 

    My Neighbor’s Tree Fell on My House–Who is Responsible?

    Blaming the owner of the tree seems obvious, but this is not always the case. For example, if your neighbor’s perfectly healthy tree is hit by lightning, falls, and damages your property, you are responsible for the repairs and cleanup. We recommend referring to your homeowner policy. You may have full or partial coverage to help with the expenses. If your neighbor has a sickly or dead tree and chooses to not do something about it and it falls, then the neighbor will be liable for your damages. In short, the tree owner is responsible if they have been negligent. 

    Whether your tree falls on a neighbor’s property or a neighbor’s tree falls on yours, stay calm and make sure everyone is safe. Safety should be the first concern. Remember that fallen trees can take down power lines and be conductors of electricity. Once you make sure everyone is safe, take photos of the scene. Photos will be helpful for yours or your neighbor’s insurance company. Afterward, give your insurance company a call to determine how to file your claim. The final step is to call 770-Tree-Guy for a safe tree removal and cleanup. 

    Whether you want a proactive evaluation of your trees or you need support after a tree has fallen, our team at 770-Tree-Guy is standing by to help!