Tree Removal Fayetteville

Trees should be removed with careful precision. Since their roots and branches extend to great lengths, the impact of a tree is widespread.

Proudly serving Fayetteville, Georgia since 2011, 770-tree-guy is the only tree service owned and operated by an ISA certified arborist. Combining certification, education, experience, and passion, we are prepared to execute non-invasive tree removals.

Why would a tree need to be removed?

  • Proximity to house or other structures
  • Health of the tree
  • Overtaking your landscape/Overshadowing your view
  • Hindering construction


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A tree should be removed if it is at risk of falling dangerously.

Not all trees close to your home may be a fall risk, but having them inspected by a licensed arborist is encouraged. In addition to inspecting trees close to your home, inspecting trees which could fall on any other structures or your utilities is also advisable. Our expert arborist is TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) qualified and capable of establishing the risk imposed by the tree. We will make honest recommendations in the best interest to you and your home.

A tree should be removed if it is dead or in some cases diseased, damaged, or infested.

If a tree is dead, it must be removed immediately. The deceased tree will be at risk of falling at any time as well as it is likely full of less than desirable rot and pests. We can carefully extract the tree without causing damage to your home or yard. When our arborist assesses your tree, we will offer any solutions for addressing the health of your tree. The team at 770-tree-guy has a deep regard for trees and will explore any possibilities for saving the tree before recommending removal. In the event that the tree must be removed to preserve the health of your yard as a whole, we will do so without harming your thriving plants. If your tree has structural damage which could be dangerous, we will recommend removal for the safety of you and your home. In circumstances involving infestation, 770-tree-guy will explore every opportunity for cleansing the problem. When removing the tree is necessary for containment, the tree will be removed without a trace of the infestation left behind. Our Fayetteville, Georgia tree service looks at every tree as an individual and addresses the problems specifically.

A tree could be removed if it is overpowering your yard or hindering your view.

Although these decisions are more personal and aesthetically motivated, tree removal for these reasons is valid. Trees are supposed to enhance your yard and your home. If they are taking control and choking out your other plants, removal may be necessary. Also in the event that the tree is hindering your view, trimming may not be enough and the tree might need to be removed. Since 770-tree-guy is a certified arborist, we can offer an honest opinion and perspective to help guide your decisions regarding your trees. In everything, we try to help our customers make informed decisions.

A tree might need to be removed to allow for construction.

In Fayetteville, Georgia, new construction happens frequently to accommodate growing families. Whether you are adding on to your home or adding a free standing garage, a tree could be rooted in an inconvenient spot. In those circumstances, tree removal may be necessary. Because of our convenient location in Fayetteville, Georgia, we are able to remove the tree promptly and properly so your new construction can continue unhindered.

Trees should be handled with great care to ensure the safety of you and your home. Choose 770-tree-guy for a professional and timely tree removal.