Stump Grinding Fayetteville

Your yard should be a vision of life. All of your plants and trees work together to create an oasis of natural beauty.

A stump can easily disrupt the beauty with its unsightly appearance. Based in Fayetteville, Georgia, 770-tree-guy conducts tree stump grinding with surgical attention to detail.

How can a stump be problematic? 

  • Harms the aesthetics of your yard
  • Steals nutrients from the soil
  • Encourages pests
  • Creates a fall hazard
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A stump is an unsightly disruption to the beauty of your lawn.

Seeing a stump can be jarring whenever looking at an otherwise well-manicured lawn. Using proper arboricultural practices, we will grind the stump down as much as a foot to ensure that the stump and its roots are dealt with appropriately. Turning the stump into mulch, there will be no further negative impact upon your pristine yard. When you choose 770-tree-guy, the only trace of our presence will be the missing obtrusive stump.

In addition to your own displeasure, many neighborhoods in Fayetteville, Georgia, have regulations regarding stumps. Do not let a stump prevent your yard from meeting yours and your neighbors’ standards.

A stump could be hindering the health of your other plants.

Whether by its roots or the off shoots of life which could live off the stump, nutrients can be continually sucked from your soil. Removing the stump through grinding can prevent the stump from leeching the nutrients away from your thriving plants. Turning the stump into mulch will be much more productive for your yard as well as returning the soil to the beneficial plants.

A stump can become infested with pests.

Since the life of the tree is done, there are many forms of rot and pests which can overtake the stump. If the pests being in the stump is not unpleasant enough, they potentially could compromise your home and yard beyond the stump. Grinding out the stump will prevent unwelcome pests on your turf.

A stump can be easily tripped over.

With sharp edges and uneven roots, a stump can be an unfortunate fall hazard, especially to children. Nothing is more important than having your yard as a safe space for your family to enjoy. Grinding the stump into mulch will allow for your children to safely run through the yard without such an unsightly hazard.

Ensuring a thorough and unobtrusive stump grinding is possible when you choose Fayetteville, Georgia’s 770-tree-guy. Combining extensive experience, the highest certification, and the finest equipment, we can help reclaim the beauty of your oasis, free of unsightly stumps. Contact us today!