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Think of an arborist as a doctor for your trees. An arborist ensures the health of your trees and suggests modifications if necessary for the longevity of your trees.

770-tree-guy, based in Fayetteville, Georgia, is the only tree service owned and operated by an ISA certified arborist in Fayette County. If you are in need of arborist services, 770-tree-guy is prepared to help with all of your tree related needs.

Why should you choose 770-tree-guy as your arborist? 

  • We have credentials.
  • We have passion.
  • We have experience.


Arborist Fayetteville certified ISA arborist Tree services in Fayetteville
  • Free, No-Obligation Quotes

    Free, No-Obligation Quotes

  • Honest Pricing, No Hidden Fees

    Honest Pricing, No Hidden Fees

  • Experienced, Professional Crews

    Experienced, Professional Crews

  • Courteous, Reliable, & On-Time

    Courteous, Reliable, & On-Time

  • Owned & Operated by a Local ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORIST

    Owned & Operated by a Local ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORIST

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770-tree-guy has all of the appropriate certification.

When selecting an arborist, choosing an educated and credentialed arborist is essential. Because trees can take a lifetime to grow, they carry significant history upon their branches and are not easily replaced. If you choose Fayetteville, Georgia’s 770-tree-guy, you can feel confident that your trees are in reliable hands. We will be honest about your trees’ needs and make helpful suggestions to prolong the life of your trees. In addition to our ISA certification, we are also TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) qualified. Based upon our credentials, the team at 770-tree-guy are highly respected in our field and capable of delivering the finest care for your trees.

770-tree-guy was built on passion.

Our founder, Aaron Capannelli, fostered a love for trees since childhood. As a child, he was always found high in the branches of trees. Through the years, his love for climbing and trees has not diminished. Regularly, he drives down the road, assessing the trees as he drives past. He has honed his passion for trees into a successful business. His passion is the driving force for 770-tree-guy. We do not care for trees just for the business, but rather out of a deep love and respect for trees. Because of our history, we can be respected to always offer the best care for your trees.

770-tree-guy has considerable experience.

What started as a single pickup truck business has grown to a company with millions of dollars in state of the art equipment. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of serving the residents of Fayetteville, Georgia, with all of their tree concerns. In a single week, we have removed as many as forty problematic trees. In addition to removals, we have pruned and trimmed countless trees in Fayette County. Proudly functioning as the only licensed arborist in Fayette County, 770-tree-guy has assessed the wellness of trees, many of which were able to be saved through our suggestions of soil changes. Since we have such a deep respect and love for trees, the opportunity to care for so many trees brings us great joy.

Harnessing experience, passion, and certification, 770-tree-guy is the informed choice for arborist services in Fayetteville, Georgia. Call today!