Emergency Tree Work

When a tree is endangering your home or family, you need help right away.

770-Tree-Guy, based in Peachtree City, Georgia, offers 24/7 emergency services to restore your family’s safety.

What Qualifies as a Tree Emergency?

  • A Tree Has Fallen on Your Home
  • A Fallen Tree is Blocking Your Driveway
  • A Tree is At-Risk to Fall and Endanger Your Family
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  • Free, No-Obligation Quotes

    Free, No-Obligation Quotes

  • Honest Pricing, No Hidden Fees

    Honest Pricing, No Hidden Fees

  • Experienced, Professional Crews

    Experienced, Professional Crews

  • Courteous, Reliable, & On-Time

    Courteous, Reliable, & On-Time

  • Owned & Operated by a Local ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORIST

    Owned & Operated by a Local ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORIST

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A Tree on Your Home Needs to Be Dealt with Immediately.

If a tree has fallen on your home, this is the kind of scenario our 24/7 emergency service was developed for. Regardless of the time of day, contact our team immediately so we can send out a professional to assess the situation and prepare to remove the tree. Often, we can remove the fallen tree with no money down or nothing upfront out of pocket.*** We are comfortable helping you navigate that claim with your insurance company. In an emergency, your last worry should be whether you have the payment on hand. Let us restore your safety and we can work with insurance afterwards.

A Tree Trapping You at Home Should Be Addressed Promptly.

When a tree falls on your driveway, you may have no option for leaving your home. This scenario is considered an emergency as well. Contact us at any hour and let us know your situation. One of our professionals will be able to assess the tree and provide the best plan for removing it. We can provide a quick removal which will allow you to exit your home safely.

A Tree At-Risk for Causing Damage Should Be Addressed Quickly.

Whether there has been a weather incident, such as severe wind, an ice storm, or a lightning strike, or a tree has become defective, a hazardous tree near your home, garage, driveway, power lines, or other outdoor structure is cause for concern. If you are concerned that the tree is at-risk of falling at any moment, contact our emergency services at any hour for an assessment. We will be able to determine the risk of your tree falling as well as the consequence if it falls. If the tree imposes imminent danger, we will do an extraction. If you have a tree you are concerned about in your yard that does not have anything in a 100-foot radius of it, this tree can likely wait for normal business hours. We will gladly assess the tree and perform a removal if needed.

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