Storm Preparedness: What To Do Before, During, and After a Storm

July 3, 2023 | By John Doe

Homeowners in Fayette County, Georgia are no strangers to intense storms. It is important to prepare for unpredictable weather and the property damage that can come with it. It is especially vital to know how to handle trees and landscaping before, during, and after a storm to protect yourself and your property.

Before a Storm 

When preparing for a storm, it is important to have a plan in place well in advance. Taking the necessary precautions before a storm hits can help prevent further disaster later on. Before a storm, inspect trees and landscaping on or near your property for potential hazards. Look out for dead or weakened branches and limbs that could break off in strong winds or heavy rains. Trimming these branches ahead of time will reduce the risk of injury or damage caused by falling branches. Moving any objects away from trees in case they fall over during a storm is also important. If you are looking for a tree service company in Newnan, GA to help take care of your trees with regular pruning of dead and broken branches, 770-TREE-GUY is the call to make. You’ll be impressed with our service and prepared to weather any storms. 

During a Storm 

Remain indoors during an active storm until conditions improve. If you must go outside during bad weather, avoid walking near or under trees as much as possible, as there could be falling branches. If there are downed electrical lines near your home, do not touch them. Even if they appear safe, there could still be live wires carrying electricity through them. Leave electrical lines to the experts. Call 911 if you need immediate assistance.

After a Storm 

Once the storm has passed and it is safe enough to go outside again, inspect your property for any signs of danger, such as broken tree branches or other debris that could have been scattered around during the storm. If you find severe tree damage or fallen branches, contact 770-TREE-GUY for storm damage tree removal in Fayetteville, GA. We are an experienced tree services company serving Fayette County, GA and surrounding areas. Our team of arborists properly assess damaged trees and shrubs before removing hazardous debris quickly and safely with proper removal techniques. We also offer services such as stump grinding and emergency response to respond to more extensive destruction caused by severe storms.

When dealing with tree storm damage on your property, it’s always a best practice to hire an experienced tree service company like 770-TREE-GUY that can handle these types of situations properly and safely so you don’t have to worry. We can take care of tree removal in Peachtree City, GA and help you take preventative measures before a storm arrives to ensure your home remains protected. Rest assured knowing your tree jobs are in the experienced hands of 770-TREE-GUY. Contact us today at (770) 873-3489.

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