6 Tips for Taking Care of your Living Christmas Tree

Is there anything more festive than a live Christmas tree! A fresh Christmas tree looks magical all decorated and smells even better. If you care for your tree properly, your tree can look and smell great throughout the whole holiday season. Since we are tree experts year-round, the team at 770-Tree-Guy compiled a list of tree care tips to help.

  •   Lose the Bugs—Nothing can turn you into a Scrooge faster than having your home infested with bugs. The most common tree bugs are Spiders, Mites, Aphids, Praying Mantises, Adelgids, Bark Beetles, Scale Insects, and Sawflies. Bugs can ride into your home on your Christmas tree without you realizing until they are unwanted house guests. Some bugs will be in egg form to start with and hatch later, giving you an unexpected Christmas surprise. Before you start spraying your tree down with insecticides, follow these tips. Shaking them off is the best first step. Some tree farms will even have a machine to do that before you take it home. If not, make sure to vigorously shake your tree when you get home. Another idea would be to leave your tree outside of your home for 24 hours to give the bugs a chance to crawl out. Keep your vacuum handy, so you can suck up any extra bugs along with the needles beneath your tree.
  •   Keep your Tree Away from the Heat—Placing the Christmas tree near your fireplace could seem cozy, but this will speed up the evaporation process and dry up your tree prematurely. Also, you should avoid placing it near other heat generating sources, such as space heaters, TVs, wood stoves, computers, etc. Cuddle up by the fireplace and admire your tree from across the room instead.
  •   Trim an Inch Off—Even if you purchased a freshly cut tree from a cut-your-own farm, you should still slice at least an inch off. This will open up your tree to soak up the water better. A thirsty tree will die faster and drop lots of needles. Water absorption is crucial for the longevity of your living Christmas tree.
  •   Water your Tree Properly—After the little trim, set your tree up in a tree stand with cool water. Make sure that your tree stand holds at least 1 gallon of water. Only use plain water in your tree stand no matter how many DIY solutions you see on social media. Trees do not require special concoctions to be healthy.
  •   Check Your Tree’s Water Daily—The most common reason for a tree drying up before your family is done saying “ho ho ho” is neglecting daily watering. The water level should never drop below the fresh cut you made. On the first day, your tree could drink up to two gallons, so be prepared to check again later that day.
  •   Recycle your Tree Afterwards—After your Christmas tree has dazzled all season long, you will have to get rid of it. Christmas trees make great mulch. You can cut it up and utilize it as mulch in your garden beds. What a beautiful ending for a Christmas tree! The tree gets to give a valuable gift to your soil and plants.

With the proper care, your living Christmas tree can be a beautiful focal point for your holiday season. If you need tips for your trees outside too, schedule an arborist consultation with 770-Tree-Guy today! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!