Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees

Autumn is the best time to plant many types of trees. Our arborists at 770-Tree-Guy wanted to share the many reasons you should consider getting out in your yard this weekend to start planting.

  •       Embrace the Perfect Weather for Man and Trees—The temperature is not too hot and not too cold. You will be comfortable while you do the planting, and the trees will be happy for the mild weather too. Trees will be more successful establishing their roots if they can get started when there are not as many temperature extremes.
  •       Allow the Tree to Maximize the Dormant Season—When trees are planted in the fall, they can focus their energy on establishing their roots during the dormant winter season. A well-established and rooted tree will be healthier for the growing season come spring. Plant now, so you can enjoy your tree’s growth and beauty during the spring.
  •       Enjoy Easier Maintenance—Essentially, you are tucking your trees in for winter when you plant in the fall. Give them a proper blanket of mulch and let them grow with little upkeep during the dormant season. Because of the cooler temperatures and frequent fall rain, your tree will have time to grow and become strong before it will face the extreme heat in a few seasons.
  •       Plant your Bulbs and Shrubs too—Because Georgia has mild winters, many varieties of flowers and shrubs should be planted in the fall to take root for the spring growing season.

If you are unsure whether your desired tree or shrub can be transplanted in the fall, schedule a visit from one of our certified arborists. Arborists are essentially tree doctors with a deep understanding about how to help trees thrive. We can make suggestions for what to plant and the ideal place in your yard to ensure the proper sunlight for your chosen tree. Call 770-Tree-Guy to schedule your arborist consultation today!