Lawn, Landscape, and Tree Care in September

As the leaves are starting to change, we finally begin to get some relief from the intense summer heat. The fall is an ideal time for yard maintenance. Not only will the weather be more bearable during the process, but you can also help prepare your trees to endure the winter cold ahead. Our team at 770-Tree-Guy has compiled a list of our favorite tips for keeping your trees healthy through the seasons ahead.

  •       Rake Fallen Leaves Often—This season is called fall for a reason. Leaves will be constantly falling all over your yard. Raking up leaves will make your yard look clean and well-kept. Also, your trees will be healthier. Fallen leaves can be an ideal place for pests and diseases to fester, putting your trees at risk. Keep your trees safe and make your yard pristine at the same time by raking regularly. Also, your kids will love jumping in the big pile you rake up. Raking is a win-win.
  •       Reapply Mulch—Mulch around your trees will function like a warm blanket during winter, locking in your soil’s warmth. Also, mulch will provide valuable nutrients to your soil and feed your tree over time. Make sure to apply your mulch carefully. There is such a thing as too much mulch. Never pile it up around the base of your tree as this could expose your tree to pests and diseases. Leave 6 inches of space around the circumference of your tree. Layer your mulch about 3 inches deep. If you need quality mulch, we make our own organic mulch in a variety of colors. You can schedule a mulch drop off with us!
  •       Monitor Water and Soil Moisture—Throughout the spring and summer, you have likely been watering your trees a lot to thrive and survive during the warmer months. During the fall, you can slow down on your watering schedule. You probably will only need to deeply water about 1-2 times a week. Deep watering is important because your tree will need the moisture at its roots.
  •       Consider Pest Treatments or Soil Amendments—The fall is a great time to make sure that your trees have the nutrients they need. If your soil is not providing what is needed, you may need to make soil amendments to ensure your trees are not depleted during the harsh cold season. Treatments may be necessary if your trees have been compromised by pests during the summer months or you are concerned about new ones moving in for the winter. Borers like to nestle into your trees and feed on them throughout the cold months. Be proactive and treat your trees in advance. Certain trees are more susceptible to pests than others, so we can help you discern which trees may be at risk.
  •       Call 770-Tree-Guy to Schedule Pruning—Pruning in the fall can be a tricky balance. On one hand, you want to remove any branches which will likely fall or snap during winter storms, but pruning can leave your tree exposed. Pruning is cutting away a part of a tree and leaving a wound. If your tree cannot heal in time from the pruning wound, your tree could become infected or welcome pests. Call in our tree professionals for strategic pruning. We will remove the branches which are a danger to the tree and your property, but we will not cut more than necessary. We will haul away the dead or pruned branches so your yard will be clean and safe.

Call for an arborist consultation and tree assessment today! 770-Tree-Guy can help you achieve a healthy yard that can endure the hard months ahead.