How to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

Your trees looking their best in the spring does not happen overnight or by accident. While the weather is still cool, you can start getting prepared. The best time to prepare your trees for the upcoming growing season is right before spring starts, but after the worst of winter has passed. Our arborists at 770-Tree-Guy have compiled a list of tips to help your trees thrive this spring.

Thriving Trees Checklist:

  •       Start with Tree Inspection—Before you begin caring for your yard, evaluate the health of your trees. Look for signs of winter damage or disease. When your trees are still bare from winter, it is much easier to spot these problems. If your tree does have damage or disease, you may be able to prune the issue away. We are standing by to help if you need a tree doctor’s wisdom.
  •       Lose the Limbs, Leaves, and Debris—Pruning while it is still cold out is ideal. Your trees are at greater risk of pests and diseases if you wait until trees are already in bloom. Any parts of your tree that are dead, diseased, damaged, or dangerous should be addressed now. If you are not comfortable with DIY pruning, you can leave it to our experts instead.
  •       Fertilize and “Feed”—Growing is hard work and trees need the right sustenance to be able to grow properly. Make sure your soil is fertilized and chock full of the nutrients that your trees will need to flourish. The winter season can deplete them of nutrients, so make sure to compensate for it. A healthy tree fueled with the right nutrients will be able to grow and fight off pests and diseases more effectively. In addition to fertilizer, check to make sure that your trees will be able to get the water they need as well.
  •       Prevent Pests with Pest (bug and critter) Control—Pests like warm weather so the spring is one of their favorite seasons. If you see evidence of pests around your trees already, now is the time to fight back. Reach out to our team for help!
  •       Give Your Trees Some Mulch—Mulch is a magical thing for your trees when used properly. You can lock in the nutrients and moisture that your plants need, while protecting the roots from the heat of the sun. As mulch breaks down, the mulch infuses the soil with nutrients to continually supply your trees. Choose a quality organic mulch and do not build it up more than 3 inches around the base of your tree. Too much mulch will negate the benefits and can actually hurt your tree. If you need mulch, consider our organic mulch. The mulch we make is fully organic and recycled. We also offer a variety of colors to fit your landscaping vision.

If you are ready for a thriving spring season for your trees, give us a call for a complete tree health assessment! 770-Tree-Guy can help your trees reach their true potential.