Why Winter Pruning is Best

Working in your yard in a winter wonderland may seem strange. In fact, many homeowners stop doing yard work after the weather drops below 50. Before you store away your yard tools, consider doing some winter pruning. Surprisingly, the winter season is the best time for pruning most trees. If you are unsure about winter pruning, consider these strong reasons for winter pruning from our tree experts at 770-Tree-Guy:

  1.   You Can See The Branches Better.

Your trees will have fewer leaves to get in the way of your pruning. You will be able to see the shape and structure of the tree more effectively than when your tree has a cover of leaves during the other seasons. Additionally, you can spot disease and damage more easily since they cannot hide behind a canopy of leaves. Grab your parka and head out to prune your trees. Bundling up is worth it for a far simpler pruning job.

  1.   Your Trees are Dormant in Winter.

During the warmer months, your trees are putting in the extra effort to grow and produce. Your trees are doing a plant version of hibernation right now, so winter is ideal for pruning. While your trees are resting, they can easily recover from pruning. Pruning in winter keeps your trees from having to multitask and try to grow and heal at the same time.  

  1.   This is the Off Season for Plant Diseases.

Winter is the worst season for sickness for people, but trees are doing great. They are resting up and most of their disease and pest problems are months away. The pests, fungi, and bacteria which trouble trees much prefer a warm climate. One of the greatest concerns when pruning is that pests will enter through the trees’ pruning wounds. Therefore, winter is optimal because the pests are much less likely to be a problem.

  1.     Your Trees Will Be in a Better Place for The Spring.

Pruning stimulates growth in trees throughout the spring months. By removing dead, diseased, and deformed branches, you are helping the tree refocus its energy on the healthy branches. You will be amazed how your tree will flourish when it is not overworked supplying the healthy and unhealthy branches at once.

Although most trees benefit from winter pruning, there are exceptions to be aware of. If your tree flowers in spring, you should prune them after their blooms fade. Those flowering trees will already have buds in place by winter, so pruning would actually hinder them. If you are unsure about whether your tree should be pruned, reach out to our arborists at 770-Tree-Guy. We can help!

If you need help with your winter pruning, call 770-Tree-Guy! Our team can help get your trees ready to thrive and flourish in the spring.