Winter Preparation for Your Trees: Mulch

The season of scarves, sweaters, cozy blankets, and hot chocolate is upon us. As you are bundling up your family for the cold, remember to help your trees be layered up for winter too. Trees and shrubs must endure through harsh conditions throughout the winter, so the least we can do is tuck them in with a blanket of mulch. Fall is the ideal time to prepare your yard for the season ahead. Although the temperatures are cooler now, we have not reached freezing temperatures yet. The 770-Tree-Guy team can guide you on how to bundle up your trees with mulch properly before the freeze hits.

Reasons to Mulch in the Fall:

  •       Save Time in the Spring–Mulching in the fall actually saves time when you are caring for your yard in the spring. The mulch you place in the fall will not completely breakdown throughout the winter, so you will not have to work hard mulching in the spring.
  •   Work in Pleasant Conditions—When temperatures are comfortable during the fall days, you will be unlikely to even work up a sweat while you are mulching.
  •   Help Your Trees be Protected in Winter—Think of mulch as a thick winter coat. You will trap warm air to provide insulation for your trees’ roots.

Tips for Fall Mulching:

  •   Create a Layer of Mulch 2-4 Inches Deep and Spanning a 3 Foot Diameter—More is not always better when it comes to mulch. Stay within the advised range for the mulch to provide the desired benefits. You could smother the base of your tree with excessive amounts of mulch.  Also, do not build up the mulch around the tree trunk. Piling the mulch up high around the trunk can allow moisture to build up and lead to rot.
  •   Use An Organic Mulch—You could utilize your own natural mulch or purchase some, but we recommend sticking to organic mulch. Organic mulch infuses your soil with incredible benefits for the long-term health of your trees and shrubs. We sell fully organic recycled mulch, so reach out to us if you would like to get some of our quality mulch. We offer a variety of colors to fit every yard’s style.

Keep your yard healthy this winter and start mulching. If you need mulch or assistance, contact 770-Tree-Guy today! We are happy to help you bundle up your bushes and trees.