Beautiful Trees for Fall Foliage

The rainbow of colors painted on leaves in the fall is one of the best parts of fall. Going hiking to see a beautiful autumn view is a nice weekend adventure but getting to have a masterpiece of color outside of your window each day is truly amazing. 770-Tree-Guy can help you find the perfect trees to create your own seasonal rainbow. If you are interested in adding some trees with incredible fall foliage, consider these five showstoppers of the Southeast:

Red Oak—Clothed in crimson in the fall, the red oak grows reasonably quickly and generally tops off around 50-75 feet. The red oak is durable and tolerant of different soils. This tree provides great shade coverage and requires little maintenance.

Sweetgum—With star shaped leaves, the sweetgum has a distinct look. The color spectrum can range from red to yellow to orange to purple. They are hardy trees and survive well in a variety of soil types. The sweetgum earns its name by also having a beautiful fragrance. Typically, the sweetgum grows to the height of 60-80 feet.

Sassafras—Topping out around 60 feet, the sassafras offers a range of colors including yellow, red, and purple. Part of its sass is a distinct licorice like smell, which repels mosquitos, but smells pleasant to us.

Japanese Maple—Smaller in stature but eye-catching anyways, the Japanese maple can range from a few feet to 30 feet depending on the variety. The most recognizable variety has bright red leaves, but there are some Japanese maples which are gold or orange as well. This smaller tree likes a little shade so it can be a strong choice right outside of your home or along your garden path.

Ginkgo—Brighten up your yard with a pop of yellow! The Ginkgo tree has a distinct leaf shape and a cheery yellow hue. They grow between 25-50 feet on average. This tree is hardy and adaptable to a variety of soil types.

If you need help from a tree expert to determine the best fit for your yard, schedule a consultation with 770-Tree-Guy. We are happy to help you create your autumn scene.