How Trees Can Boost Your Curb Appeal and Home Value

Your yard makes a first impression on anyone who visits or passes your home. Depending on your landscaping, this impression could be positive or negative. The choices you make for your yard can dramatically impact the appearance of your home as well as the value. A manicured yard with well-selected trees will reflect your investment in your home. At 770-Tree-Guy, we want to help you have a yard which is aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Our team of professional arborists has compiled some key reasons trees boost your curb appeal and improve your home:

  •       Enjoy Greater Privacy—Your home and yard should feel like your own personal escape. By adding some trees along the front of your yard, you can create an attractive barrier, which will provide privacy for your family. There are a variety of tree choices which encourage privacy but selecting the right one for your specific yard is important. We are happy to consult with you to determine the trees which will fit your needs.
  •       Improve Your Home’s Value—Establishing quality trees in your yard is an investment in your home’s value, regardless of if you plan to sell your home. The National Arbor Day Foundation reported that trees can increase your home value by up to 20%. Although it takes a while for some trees to reach maturity, their beauty can be appreciated for the years to come.
  •       Love the Environment—Trees can help control erosion, reduce noise, produce needed oxygen, and remove CO2. Adding trees is not only improving the appearance of your yard, but also the health of our world.
  •       Provide Valuable Shade—Trees provide welcome relief from the sun on these Georgia hot summer days. Not only is the shade nice if you are sitting outside, but you can also reduce your heating costs with well-placed trees. Your annual heating bill could be reduced by up to 50%. Although we do not experience as intense cold weather in Georgia, trees can also be planted to block cold winds and cut your heating costs by up to 30% as well.
  •       Create Visual Interest—There is something striking about a home enhanced by highly valuable and attractive trees, such as a Japanese maple tree or a dwarf conifer. From a fruit tree to a dogwood tree to a crepe myrtle to a magnolia tree, there are a variety of trees which can bring color, function, and personality to your landscaping. As you are planning your landscaping, reach out to our arborists for a consultation. We can help you design a plan for your yard which truly captures your style and enhances your home’s appearance.

Trees are an investment in your yard and home for the years to come. 770-Tree-Guy can help you achieve your ideal landscape for your family to enjoy. Schedule a visit today!