5 Ways to Prepare your Trees for the Summer Heat

Being pro-active about your tree care will help your trees survive and thrive in the coming summer heat. The spring season is the perfect time to establish a yard maintenance routine to follow throughout the coming months. At 770-Tree-Guy, our team of certified arborists has compiled a list of the best measures you can take to keep your trees healthy and cool:

  1. Say Hello to Proper Hydration—If there has not been rain, your trees will probably need to be watered at least once or twice a week. Your tree could need additional watering if you recently planted it to ensure rapid root growth. Your trees require more water than you probably realize. Dumping a watering can’s worth of water at the base of the tree is not nearly enough. Trees need water to penetrate to the roots to remain hydrated. Set up your hose on a slow setting and you can likely leave it running for an hour during the intensely hot months.
  2. Mulch Properly—We are extremely passionate about the many benefits of mulch. Mulching is the single best thing you can do for your trees. Mulch helps your tree retain necessary moisture, absorb helpful nutrients, prevent competing weed growth, and avoid being scorched by the blazing heat. Make sure to follow proper mulching technique of not placing more than 3-4 inches of mulch. There is such a thing as too much mulch. At 770-Tree-Guy, we make quality mulch in a variety of colors to suit your landscape and nourish your trees at the same time. Call today to schedule your mulch delivery!
  3. Do a Deep Root Fertilization—Many homeowners will put fertilizer at the base of their tree when the roots truly are the part in need. Using an injection process with fertilizer and water, you can directly infuse your trees’ roots. Healthy roots lead to a healthy tree. If you need guidance with this process, reach out to one of our tree professionals.
  4. Avoid Pruning Unless Absolutely Necessary—The summer heat is relentless in Georgia. Pruning your tree could be compared to taking away your tree’s umbrella or sunglasses right when they need it. Leaves on trees provide protection from the sun. Also, freshly trimmed portions of trees could be dwarfed or less healthy due to scorching from the sun. If you must prune, only trim away dead or diseased branches. When in doubt, reach out to us before you start pruning.
  5. Call 770-Tree-Guy for Tree Services—Whether you need help with pruning, assessing tree health, laying mulch, or anything in between, we are ready to help with your tree service needs. Call today to schedule!