The Magic of Mulch:

Mulch can improve the health of your soil and everything that grows in it. Consider that mulch is the food that your trees need to truly thrive. Since quality mulch encourages quality soil, you will notice a difference in the health of your yard after choosing to mulch. At 770-Tree-Guy, we are so passionate about how mulch can transform your yard that we make our own. Our mulch is made from blends of hardwoods and conifer trees, which have been pH balanced to break down into highly oxygen rich soil. We have a variety of color choices which will improve the appearance of your yard and the health of your soil and plants.

FAQs about Mulch:

  • Why should I consider mulch over pine straw?—Pine straw has been utilized as a ground covering in landscaping for many years because of its appearance, inexpensive cost, and availability. Although pine straw is better than having no covering as a barrier for your beds, it simply does not provide the same value as mulch. Mulch does far more than impact the aesthetic of your yard. When used properly, mulch can help retain needed moisture, block out competing root growth, safeguard your roots from scorching sun, and combat the impact of hard Georgia red clay.
  • How is mulch different than wood chips?—Many tree companies will bring a machine to chop up wood chips on site at your home. The wood chip making process is extremely loud and can disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in your neighborhood. Also, wood may not be chopped finely and precisely with this method. Wood chips have not been allowed to sit and decompose to allow the ideal breakdown before applying them to your soil. Because of this, wood chips can deplete nitrogen, while mulch adds it into the soil.
  • Does using mulch require a lot of work?—Homeowners are often surprised to find out that mulch actually cuts down on their yard maintenance. Once applied, mulch usually does not have to be replaced for about 6 months. During this time, your soil is being fed nutrients from the mulch breaking down so fertilizing is generally not necessary anymore to have good soil. Also, the water retaining quality of mulch minimizes the need to water frequently. Your yard can thrive with little upkeep if you have properly mulched.
  • How much mulch should be used?—A little mulch goes a long way, so you only need about three inches of mulch, equating to 1 cubic yard of mulch covering 100 square feet at 3 inches. Too much mulch can be problematic because it can retain excessive moisture and encourage rot.
  • How is 770-Tree-Guy’s mulch different?—Our mulch can be trusted because it is made under the watchful eyes of licensed arborists. We are passionate about creating optimized mulch which not only looks great but feeds your soil. At 770-Tree-Guy, we use a blend of hardwoods and conifers, which have been perfectly pH balanced. Our goal is to provide mulch that transforms the health and appearance of your yard.

If you are interested in our quality mulch, call us and schedule a mulch delivery. We will bring what you need right to your yard. Improve your yard and your soil through the magic of mulch!