How to Gift the Perfect Tree:

February is known for romantic dinners, chocolate, and bouquets of flowers. Depending on the type of flower and color, a lot of meaning can be conveyed. Someone could easily confuse their love interest by giving a dozen yellow roses, which typically symbolize friendship, instead of a red or pink variety to communicate romantic love. Trees hold unique symbolism and communicate different messages depending on the variety as well. Although flowers may seem like the obvious Valentine gift, a tree could be an equally symbolic gift which lasts for much longer than a bouquet of roses.

Consider how these trees you may have in your own yard may be deeply symbolic:

  • The Oak Tree—Regarded as the strongest tree as it endures for hundreds of years, the oak tree symbolizes courage, power, strength, health, morale, luck, wisdom, and resistance. Over the years, they have been considered holy places as well as sources of healing by Native American cultures. An oak tree could communicate a love which lasts for all of time, regardless of challenges.
  • The Cherry Tree—Popular for their beautiful blossoms which last briefly in the spring, cherry trees symbolize romance, luck, happiness, and rebirth. Cherry trees have strong ties to Japanese culture as they are thought to symbolize their rebirth in the eighth century. A gift of a cherry tree could communicate the beauty of love as well as the importance of enjoying the moment together.
  • The Birch Tree—Birch trees symbolize hope, protection, and love. They are beautiful year-round which could communicate messages about an enduring love that lasts through every season. With their symbolism for protection, birch trees are commonly used in baby cribs.
  • The Maple Tree—Known for their ability to adapt to different climates and soil varieties, the maple tree symbolizes balance, promise, longevity, abundance, and success. Maple trees being the source of syrup could be a sweet symbol for an abundant and successful romance. Their vibrant red leaves can also communicate love and passion.
  • The Dogwood Tree—Popular in landscaping, a dogwood tree communicates durability, loyalty, kindness, fertility, stability, and good luck. Dogwood trees are known for being resilient while still appearing delicately beautiful with their white flowers. A gift of a dogwood tree could communicate the beauty of your love in every season of life and through challenges.

If you are thinking of something smaller in size or not found in your backyard, explore these natural gift ideas:

  • Seeds—This option is probably only ideal if your love has a green thumb. If you are both gardeners, growing something from a seed could be a special memory together.
  • A Fruit Tree—Instead of giving your love a fruit basket, you are giving them a gift of fruit for the years to come. Many fruit trees can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on your climate. For example, a lemon tree could be a great choice, so they have a refreshing twist for their glass of tea or for a delicious pie.
  • A Bonsai Tree—Bonsai trees are small and easy to care for, so they are an ideal tree to represent harmony, goodness, and balance. Not only do they look beautiful, they also help purify the air of your home. Clean air and a gorgeous decorative accent are gifts that can be enjoyed year-round.
  • Gift a Tree to a National Forest—If your love is passionate about nature, but does not need something to care for, gifting a tree in their honor could be a great gift. There are several groups which will plant a tree in your love’s honor and send a certificate with their name.

Once you have finished shopping for your valentine’s gift, show some love to your trees and call 770-Tree-Guy for some preventative care and maintenance. Proper care each season is the best way to have your trees last for the years to come.