How to Wrap Your Trees With Christmas Lights Safely

Whether you decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween, the weekend after Thanksgiving, the 1st of December, or any time in between, the time to deck the halls is coming quickly. Many people enjoy making the outside of their home look just as festive as the inside. If you are considering going beyond a front door wreath to include lights on your trees, your friends at 770-Tree-Guy would love to share some tips for making the process safe and successful for you and your trees.

  • Choose Only Strong Mature Trees—Although Christmas lights may not seem heavy, the weight of Christmas lights on a young or delicate tree could cause branches to snap or cause the tree to be warped long-term. The health of your trees is not worth sacrificing for some extra holiday cheer. If you are unsure if a tree is strong enough to endure, one of our arborists can inspect your trees and offer a recommendation on which trees are suitable.
  • Calculate How Many Lights You Need for Your Tree—Measuring your tree and calculating ahead of time will save you the frustration of running out of lights in the process. First, measure the trunk and find the circumference of your tree. Also, record the height of your tree. Next, determine how far apart you would like your strands of light. Divide the height of your tree by the desired spacing. Multiply that number by the circumference to determine how many feet of lights you will need.
  • Buy Outdoor Lights Only—Not all Christmas lights are created for outdoor use. When you purchase your lights, make sure the box says it can be used outdoors. These lights should be waterproof to prevent electrical issues. Indoor lights could end up burning or damaging your trees.
  • Prepare Your Extension Cord—Before you start wrapping your tree, set up an extension cord at the base of your tree to connect the lights into. Make sure to set your cord in a way that it will not be tripped on by your family.
  • Get a Ladder, Gloves, and a Friend—You will likely need a ladder to reach the top of your tree. Using a ladder is much safer with a friend or family member being your spotter. Falling off a ladder would certainly put a damper on your holiday fun so better to be cautious. Gloves can prevent you from getting splinters in your hands while you are wrapping your tree. With proper planning, your decorating process will be safe and simple.
  • Secure Your Lights—Using electrical tape, you can secure your lights along the way so you will not have to worry about them falling or unraveling. Do not utilize staples or nails because this will damage your tree.
  • After the Holidays are Over, Unwrap Your Trees—The undecorating part after the holidays is never as fun as the decorating part. Although it may seem tempting to leave the lights on your trees, leaving your tree wrapped in lights can stunt growth or cause damage, especially in younger trees.

Enjoy getting your home in the spirit of the holidays, inside and outside. If you need any support during your tree decorating process, the 770-Tree-Guy team is standing by to answer your questions.