Oak tree pruning

In the Estates in Peachtree City today performing some light pruning of five oak trees. Which provides a time to a couple points about proper pruning.

1st select permanent scaffolding branches, and over time prune to favor these branches while eliminating temporary scaffolding branches.

2nd never spike a tree with gaffs while pruning. This causes many wounds over the surface of the tree. Due to the way these wounds are created they form small “cups” that hold water and promote the development of fungal and bacterial growth and decay in the tree. Which can lead to sickness and entrance of other pathogens, in the end causing tree death or failure.

3rd Proper cuts are paramount! The branches to be removed are qualified by percentages to lateral. And a cuts should be made from edge of branch collar to branch bark ridge. Then should we cover with a pruning paint? No, well kind of no. The old black pruning coats were petroleum based and instead of locking out bugs and what not they created a dark environment that locked in moisture creating a prime environment for fungal and bacteria that can lead to decay. Nowadays we rely on proper cuts to allow the tree to form callous wood and heal itself. There are some new cellulose based products with hormones that are new in the scene but are not used wide spread yet, schools still out.

That touches on a couple points, love your trees!

Aaron Capannelli

ISA Certified Arborist SO-7129A