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770-Tree-Guy, conveniently located in Newnan, Georgia, is a full scale tree service, including tree pruning, tree wellness, tree removal, and 24/7 emergency services.

Trees are the bearers of history. Often times, the trees in our yards are there before us and if well cared for, live on beyond us. They are forts for our children, shade in the summer, and natural life framing our houses. On the good days and the stormy ones, having an exceptional tree service is vital to the prosperity of your yard.

Your tree could be saved by our arborist.

If your tree is sick, we can expertly assess the source of your tree’s illness. If the tree is beyond help, our team can help address the illness from spreading.

Trees sometimes need some direction.

Unfortunately, trees do not always grow in the most beneficial way. Whenever a tree becomes ill balanced or top heavy, it could become a fall risk easily. With some trimming, the tree can be encouraged to grow in a healthy manner.

Stumps can be a terrible eyesore.

In the midst of a perfectly manicured lawn, a stump greatly detracts from the natural splendor of your yard. With a carefully executed stump grinding, your yard will not be plagued with a reminder of a tree’s misfortune.

Tree services are not just for the sick.

Since an arborist is like a doctor, think of tree services as wellness visits. We recommend regular tree care for the same purpose. We can examine your trees and ensure that the soil has the proper nutrients to encourage a long life.

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